Our QKN & SONS instrument is a custom made product and may require two to four weeks to make depending on your specifications. Our pricing is dependant on the different grades of wood and the price of metals on the Dow Jones market.
We have great pride in the workmanship, durability and quality of our QKN & Sons products.

QKN & SONS painstakingly packs each item with the greatest protection and care, with superior insulation and waterproofing. Our packing technique is guaranteed to eliminate any kind of damage to our products.

QKN & SONS exclusively uses DHL Courier Service to ensure that our customer recieves their products quickly, safely and without damage. DHL Shipping may take anywhere from 2-6 working days depending on the availability of delivery on weekends in certain countries.

QKN & SONS will ship their products anywhere WORLDWIDE with DHL unless there are proposed sanctions or bans on import goods in a particular country.
Shipping is FREE OF COST and is INCLUDED in the price of your QKN & SONS product.

Certain countries require a Wood Cerification Document for instruments made of wood to verify that the product is free of insects which may infest their country's forests. For a small fee, a Wood Certification Document will be provided by QKN & SONS for countries such as Australia and New Zealand.

In an extremely rare case, if you have received our QKN & SONS product which has sustained any sort of damage while in transit, please let us know promptly and we will ensure that the product is replaced.

To avoid shipping at your cost back to our location in Laxminagar, New Delhi, India, we advise that you promptly check your shipment immediately with the DHL Courier Delivery Person in front of you once you receive your product to ensure that your QKN & SONS product is in sound condition.
With proper care and usage we hope that you will enjoy our custom made QKN & SONS product for many years.

Ustad Qasim Khan Niyazi and his Sons-
Mahmood Niyazi, Mujeeb Ahmad Khan Niyazi & Gulam Hasnain Niyazi.

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